Video 9 Apr

Cleaning kestrel nest boxes (Nettoyage des nichoirs à crécerelle d’Amérique)

These photos feature images from a project coordinated by the Université Laval chapter of The Wildlife Society.  Each spring, these nest boxes are checked, cleaned, repaired, and monitored as part of an effort to increase the local kestrel population.  On this particular day, we did not see any kestrels, but did see a different falcon, red-winged blackbirds, chickadees, and a few other curious critters.  Notably, these gregarious Scottish Highland Cattle and a cheeky squirrel.

Read "The Kestrel Conundrum" for more information about this project.

This photo set is part of our "The World Around Us" gallery.  Click the link to view other images from this collection.

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